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David Norris [1]

David C. Norris,
an American electrical engineer, software developer, computer games and chess programmer, industrial and organizational psychologist, and senior vice president of engineering at Inovalon. From 1984 until 2009, David Norris served in multiple capacities at Microsoft and was selected as a leader in the Microsoft Engineering Excellence group, where he developed and promulgated best practices in software development processes, techniques, and tools.


In the late 80s, a group of MS developers including Norris believed that, in order for Windows to succeed, a grassroots effort to create simple but fun entertainment titles needed to be made, and thus "Bogus Software" was born [2]. Dave Norris authored the Mahjongg game Taipei [3] [4], released as part of the first Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1989, and the chess program Ziggurat, which has been under development since its first release as WinChess [5] and Windows Chess in the MS Entertainment Pack. To practice his programming skills and to keep his mind sharp, Dave Norris has recently re-written Ziggurat from the ground up, further under active development with the goal to enter the World Computer Chess Championship, which became true at the WCSC 2017.

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