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Crash test dummy [1]

Crashtest Dummy (Crash Test Dummy, CTD),
a Chess Engine Communication Protocol and UCI compliant experimental chess engine by Richard Pijl, intended as a test bed for his primary engine The Baron. Richard started with CTD in about 2004, when he was getting nowhere with improving the Baron. When CTD was able to play a game, he decided to give the Baron one more look, instantly removed the bug that was blocking improvement and kept CTD in a drawer. At another point Richard was about to retire the Baron and to work only on CTD, as its successor [2].

Tournament Play

Crashtest Dummy played the ICT 2007, the DOCCC 2007, the ICT 2008, and the CPT 2008, operated by Tessa Pijl.


CPT2008 DSC 73451.jpg

Gian-Carlo Pascutto, Tessa Pijl operating CTD at the CPT 2008 [3]

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