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Commodore ChessMate [1]

Commodore ChessMate, (Commodore CHESSmate)
a dedicated chess computer by Commodore with a program based on MicroChess by Peter Jennings, released in 1978. The computer was built in KIM-1 technology and had a MOS Technology processor of the 6502 family, the 28 pin 6504 could only address 8 kibibytes, where the chess program was persistant in 5 kibibytes of ROM, and used only 320 bytes of RAM [2] . For user interaction, it had a membrane keyboard, four seven-segment displays, and four further status LEDs.

Tournament Play

Commodore ChessMate played the Second West Coast Computer Faire Microcomputer Chess Tournament in March 1978, where it became runner-up behind Sargon [3].

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