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Ceres [1]

Ceres, (Chess engine for research)
an UCI compliant open source chess engine by David J. Elliott, written in C# for the Microsoft .NET 5 framework, released under the GPL version 3. Ceres provides an MCTS implementation with many novel algorithmic improvements and low level optimizations, searching over the Lc0 backends [2] with the perspective of an enormous increase in playing strength over Lc0. Ceres' move generation code is adapted from Judd Niemann's Quad-Bitboards based Perft approach Juddperft [3] [4]. As posted by Alexander Lyashuk on January 01, 2021, it is possible that Ceres will co-exist in parallel to Lc0 and LCZero developers will try to back-port new ideas, or LCZero developers will abandon Lc0 completely and switch to Ceres [5].

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