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Bojun Guo, (alias noobpwnftw)
a Chinese programmer, computer chess and computer Xiangqi developer, supporter and sponsor, as well as active member in computer chess forums and social media. He donates high-quality hardware for some communities such as Fishtest [1], OpenBench [2], and TCEC [3].

7-man Syzygy Bases

In an 5-month attempt in 2018 - supported by Ronald de Man - Bojun Guo has generated all 7-men tables of Syzygy Bases [4] [5].

Cloud Databases

Bojun Guo is author of the Chess Cloud Database Query Interface [6] and the Xiangqi Cloud Database Query Interface [7]. The APIs will provide online position analysis as well as EGTB results where available [8].

Forum Posts

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2020 ...

External Links

Chess Cloud Database API Documentation
Xiangqi Cloud Database API Documentation


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