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an open source chess engine testing framework authored by Andrew Grant, written in Python and licensed under the GNU GPL. It is inspired Fishtest and makes use of distributed computing, allowing anyone to contribute CPU time to further improve the development of open source chess engines. OpenBench uses the Django Web Framework and Cutechess and applies the sequential probability ratio test in engine versus engine matches, and supports Chess960. OpenBench was the primary testing framework used for the development of Ethereal [1].


OpenBench client PCs need to be POSIX compliant - that is Windows clients require MinGW [2] - to build chess engine binaries on the fly assuming that gcc/g++ and make are on the system path. To get the sources, OpenBench will pull down a zip file from GitHub. Further, the client PC requires Python 3 and finally the OpenBench Client software itself [3]. The client is started with four arguments specifying the registered user name and password, the server URL and the number of threads used for engine matches [4]:

python3 -U username -P password -S -T 4

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