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Bernd Brügmann [1]

Bernd Brügmann,
a German mathematician, physicist, experienced C programmer, and professor and chair for gravitational theory at University of Jena [2]. He holds a M.Sc. in mathematics and Ph.D. in physics from Syracuse University in 1987 and 1993 respectively [3], where his physics advisor include Abhay Ashtekar [4]. In his Ph.D. thesis Brügmann elaborated on quantum general relativity in the loop representation and Ashtekar variables. Prompted by his work in physics, he has written a Go playing program in 1993, Gobble, playing 9x9 Go with minimal Go knowledge using a Monte Carlo method called simulated annealing [5].



Lars Bremer, Rico Walter and Bernd Brügmann explaining how he executed the very first
Monte-Carlo tree search experiment in computer Go [6]

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