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Gulden Belofte [1]

Belofte, (Belofte Chess)
an open source chess engine by Yves De Billoëz, written in C and released under the GPL license v2. Belofte is a console application, and supports the Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard/XBoard protocol.


The engine supports EPD test sets and can be run with initialization files. Games are saved in PGN format. PGN files can be converted into an opening book. Internally, Belofte keeps a two-dimensional 8x8 board performing pure negamax alpha-beta inside an iterative deepening framework.


Development started in 2005 and version 0.2.x made appearance on chess server and in source code. At that time, it was released with a custom license (but still free for the open source community). Versions 0.3 till 0.6 were converted to C++ and developed under windows but compilation on other platforms failed. Source code for those versions is available. Look for the branch in the source repository. In 2017, the old version was re-released under GPL license and a new version 0.9.x is making its appearance. It is a branch from the 0.2 release and gradually, all changes from the 0.3+ branches will be included.

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  1. Gulden Belofte near Volendam, Photo by Dennis Jarvis, Halifax, Canada, September 21, 2013, Wikimedia Commons

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