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'''Mailbox''', (Offset board representation <ref>[ Chess board representations] by [[Robert Hyatt]]</ref>)
a square-centric board representation where the [[Pieces#PieceCoding|encoding]] of every [[Squares|square]] resides in a separately addressable [[Memory|memory]] element, usually an element of an [[Array|array]] for random access. The square number, or its [[Files|file]] and [[Ranks|rank]], acts like an address to a post box, which might be empty or may contain one chess piece. As pointed out by [[Harm Geert Muller]], not only the embedded [[10x12 Board|10x12 board]], but various implementations are all mailbox, independently from elements in the array for padding that can act as a [ sentinel value] <ref>[ mailbox & CPW] by [[Harm Geert Muller]], [[CCC]], May 31, 2013</ref>.
* [[8x8 Board]]
* [[10x12 Board]]
* [[Vector Attacks]]
: [[0x88]]
=Pros & cons=
* Not efficient to generate moves in stages since generating all moves, captures only, non-captures may take quite similar periods
=ImplementationsSpeed=* For basic tasks such as generating, making/unmaking moves, a "pure" mailbox maybe slower than [[8x8 BoardBitboards]]* . However, when combining it with other methods such as [[10x12 BoardPiece-Lists]]* and optimize the code it could be as fast as Bitboards<ref>[ The mailbox trials] by [[Vector AttacksPham Hong Nguyen|Nguyen Pham]]: , [[0x88CCC]], Mar 04, 2021</ref>
=See also=

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