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Pham Hong Nguyen, (given name is Nguyen)
a Vietnamese scientist working on AI and NLP compiler fields. Chess programming is his big hobby. He has developed some programs for both chess and Chinese Chess (Xiangqi).


  • Ax: A so-so chess engine
  • FirstChess: a very simple chess (open source code) to help newbies to learn chess programming

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)

  • VSCCP (Very Simple Chinese Chess Program): the first World open source code for Chinese Chess [1]
  • CCW (Chinese Chess World): a combination of chess program and chess book viewer
  • CCC (Coffee Chinese Chess): a Java applet to play or view chess games
  • XB (Xiangqi database browser): view chess game database
  • Saola - The Chinese chess challenger: a very strong chess engine - grandmaster level


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