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Roman Korba [1]

Roman Korba,
a German computer scientist with a diploma degree from Fachhochschule Emden [2], software developer in the eCommerce business, chess player, and author of the WinBoard and UCI compliant chess engine Abrok [3].

Roman Korba maintains the software development blog [4], hosting Stockfish development versions which are automatically build if there are changes on the master branch in the git repository [5], and a chess tactics server [6].

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  1. Roman Korba, Image cropped from presentation ceremony, 3rd place at 14th Luruper Schnellschachturnier, September 23, 2018, Page by Georg Pawel, SV Lurup, Photos by Klaus Kallabis
  2. Roman Korba | LinkedIn
  3. "Your name, when spelled in reverse, may be something funny or cool",
  4. | Software Development
  5. Stockfish Development Versions
  6. Best Move - Chess Tactics Server

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