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Super Expert B6 [1]

Novag Expert, (Constellation Expert, Super Expert)
a series of dedicated chess computers by Novag with 6502 programs by David Kittinger. Along with Novag Forte, the Expert was successor of the Super Constellation, released as Constellation Expert in 1985, Super Expert in 1987, Super Expert B in 1989 and Super Expert C in 1990. The Experts had exclusive wooden sensory boards with dot-matrix display and 64 square LEDs. The Constellation Expert had pressure, the Super models magnetic sensors.

Very Selective Search

According to Thorsten Czub, the Constellation Expert used extended pre scan heuristics (PSH) [2] [3]. A sophisticated selective search, dubbed Very Selective Search (VSS), was introduced with the Super Expert and Forte B [4].


by Larry Kaufman from The Rexchess Story [5] :

The next step forward came when Novag's Dave Kittinger, Don and I jointly worked out how to do an effective selective search program. Dave put these ideas into the Super Expert B and Super Forte B, while Don and I put them into Rex. 

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