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László Lindner [1]

László Lindner, ( 23. Dezember 1916 - 21. August 2004)
was a Hungarian Doctor of Laws, chess master and chess problem composer [2]. During World War II in 1944, when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary [3] , Lindner, who was of Jewish origin, came under pressure and as a Doctor of Laws he learnt to make butter and cheese in order to get a visa to emigrate to Australia. He got arrested and deported for compulsory labor in the copper mines of Bor, Serbia, and on September 30, 1944, his group was liberated by Yugoslav partisans [4] [5]. László Lindner was a proponent of computer chess as a chess problem-solving tool. He organized the WMCCC 1983 in Budapest, and was contributor of three Advances in Computer Chess Conferences, ACC 4, ACC 5 and ACC 6, as well as visitor and guest of later CC conferences and Tournaments.



László Lindner (right) with Alexander Alekhine in 1936 [6]

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