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Eric C. Jensen (born October 20, 1956),
an American computer scientist and president of Jensen Research Corporation [1], a system software development company specializing in high-performance utilities and programming productivity aids for users of IBM System z mainframe computers.


As graduate student at the Duke University in the 70s, Jensen was early Checkers and chess programmer. The Duke program was a Checkers player written along with his fellow Tom Truscott and advisor Alan Biermann, which defeated Samuel's program in a 2-game match [2] [3] [4].


Along with Tom Truscott and Bruce Wright, Eric Jensen is co-author of the chess program Duchess, which competed at ACM North American Computer Chess Championships from 1974 to 1979 and 1981, and the 2nd and 3rd World Computer Chess Championship in Toronto 1977 and Linz 1980. In May 2005, Eric Jensen kindly supplied an AWS image of the Duchess distribution tape and a job stream for installing Duchess on MVS 3.8., which can be downloaded from Prycroft Six [5].

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