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Wojciech Muła [1]

Wojciech Muła,
a Polish computer scientist and software developer educated from Rzeszów University of Technology in electrical engineering and computer engineering [2], with expertise in low level programming, bit-twiddling and performance optimization, in particular SIMD and SWAR techniques applied to string search, population count, Base64 and various algorithms. In 2008, Wojciech Muła introduced a SSSE3 population count based on a pair of PSHUFB 16 parallel nibble in-xmm register lookups [3], in the meantime due to AVX2 or AVX-512 even possible with doubled or fourfold register widths, competing the native x86-64 popcount instruction [4]. He is further contributor on the Polish Wikipedia [5].

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GitHub - WojciechMula/sse-popcount: SIMD (SSE) population count


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