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The Baron

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So far, The Baron participated at six [[World Computer Chess Championship|World Computer Chess Championships]], the [[WCCC 2005]], [[WCCC 2007]], [[WCCC 2008]], [[WCCC 2009]], [[WCCC 2011]], and the [[WCCC 2015]], and various over the board and online tournaments, such as the [[Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship]], [[International CSVN Tournament]], [[IPCCC|International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship]], [[CCT Tournaments]], and the [[The Chess Programmers Tournament]] organized by [[Richard Pijl]] himself. [[:Category:Opening Book AuthorsAuthor|Opening book authors]] were [[Carlos Pesce]] <ref>[ Bug-fixed Baron + new opening book] by [[Richard Pijl]], [[Computer Chess Forums|Winboard Forum]], January 31, 2002</ref>, [[Arturo Ochoa]] <ref>[ New book for the Baron] by [[Richard Pijl]], [[CCC]], April 09, 2007</ref> <ref>[ Re: Komodo - Rybka in Danger?] by [[Arturo Ochoa]], [[CCC]], January 21, 2010</ref>, and [[Sebastian Böhme]] <ref>[ 30th ONK 2010 Leiden: List of participants]</ref>. In May 2014, The Baron won the [[PT 46]], in June 2015, the [[PT 48]], and in November 2017 the [[PT 52]]. At the [[IGT 2016]] in [ Rome], The Baron came in third behind winner [[Chiron]] and [[Booot]].

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