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[[FILE:Sue TRex Skull Full Frontal.JPG|border|right|thumb| T-Rex skull <ref>Close up of "Sue" T-Rex replica skull at the [ Field Museum of Natural History] in [ Chicago, IL.], by Scott Robert Anselmo, November 09, 2009, [ Tyrannosaurus from Wikipedia]</ref> ]]

a chess program written in 1985 by [[Don Dailey]] in [[Pascal]], supported by chess advisor [[Sam Sloan]], in 1987 superseded by [[Larry Kaufman]] <ref>[ Don Dailey, 1956-2013] by [[Larry Kaufman]], [[CCC]], November 23, 2013</ref> . In 1986, Don took the first big step by deciding to rewrite the program in [[Assembly|assembly language]], which roughly tripled the speed. Also, he created a special rule based language for chess masters (i.e. [[Larry Kaufman]]) to use to "teach" Rex how to evaluate a position.

Rex played the [[ACM 1986|17th ACM Tournament]] 1986 in Dallas, the [[WCCC 1986|5th]] and [[WCCC 1989|6th]] [[World Computer Chess Championship|World Computer Chess Championships]] in Cologne 1986 and Edmonton 1989, and was forerunner of the commercial program [[RexChess]].

=Images & Games=
==Awit - Rex==
[[FILE:WCCC86R4.JPG|none|border|text-bottom|600px|link=WCCC 1986#Video]]
[[WCCC 1986]], round 4, [[Kaare Danielsen]], [[Tony Marsland]], [[Don Dailey]], ..., [[Sam Sloan]], [[Awit]] - [[Rex]] <ref>[[WCCC 1986#Video|WCCC 1986 Video]] 9:16</ref> <ref>[ Cologne 1986 - Chess - Round 4 - Game 1 (ICGA Tournaments)]</ref>
[[FILE:AwitRexSheet.jpg|border|right|thumb|link=|[[Game Notation#Scoresheet|Score sheet]] <ref>[ Index of /~tony/Public/Awit-Wita-ComputerChess/5thWCCC-Cologne1986]</ref> <ref>[ r4-awit-rex.txt] by [[Tony Marsland]]</ref> <ref>[ Cheating in the World Computer Chess Championship] by [[Sam Sloan]], [[Computer Chess Forums|]], March 11, 1999</ref> ]]
[Event "WCCC 1986"]
[Site "Cologne, Germany"]
[Date "1986.06.14"]
[Round "4"]
[White "Awit"]
[Black "Rex"]
[Result "1-0"]

1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.e3 d5 4.Bb5 Qg5 5.Nf3 Qxg2 6.Rg1 Qh3 7.Bxe5 Bg4 8.Rg3
Bxf3 9.Qxf3 Qh6 10.Qxd5 Ne7 11.Bxc6+ bxc6 12.Qf3 Nd5 13.Qg4 Qxh2 14.Bxg7 Bxg7
15.Qxg7 Ke7 16.Qe5+ Kd7 17.Na3 Ne7 18.Qd4+ Ke6 19.Qe4+ Kd7 20.Rg7 Qh5 21.Nc4
Ke8 22.Ne5 f5 23.Qg2 Qh6 24.Nxc6 Nxc6 25.Rxc7 Kf8 26.Rxc6 Qg7 27.Rf6+ Qxf6
28.Qxa8+ Kf7 29.Qxa7+ Kf8 30.d4 Ke8 31.Ke2 Kf8 32.c4 h6 33.a4 Rg8 34.a5 Rg7
35.Qc5+ Re7 36.a6 f4 37.a7 f3+ 38.Kf1 Kg8 39.a8=Q+ Kh7 40.Qh5 Rf7 41.Ra6 Kg7
42.Rxf6 Rxf6 43.Qe5 h5 44.Qxf3 1-0

==Shess - Rex==
[[FILE:WCCC86R5.JPG|none|border|text-bottom|600px|link=WCCC 1986#Video]]
[[WCCC 1986]], round 5, [[Ard van Bergen]], [[Sam Sloan]], [[Ossi Weiner]], [[Don Dailey]] <ref>[[WCCC 1986#Video|WCCC 1986 Video]] 1:15</ref> , [[Rex]] - [[Shess]] <ref>[ Cologne 1986 - Chess - Round 5 - Game 11 (ICGA Tournaments)]</ref>
[Event "WCCC 1986"]
[Site "Cologne, Germany"]
[Date "1986.06.15"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Shess"]
[Black "Rex"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 3.Nxe5 Qf6 4.Nc4 fxe4 5.Nc3 Qf7 6.Nxe4 d5 7.Ne5 Qf5
8.Bb5+ c6 9.Be2 Qxe4 10.Nf3 Bf5 11.c3 Qc2 12.Qxc2 Bxc2 13.O-O Bd6 14.d4
Nf6 15.Be3 O-O 16.Rae1 Nbd7 17.Kh1 b5 18.b3 Rfe8 19.c4 bxc4 20.bxc4 dxc4
21.Bxc4+ Kh8 22.Ng5 Bg6 23.f4 Nd5 24.Bxd5 cxd5 25.f5 Bb4 26.fxg6 Bxe1
27.Nf7+ Kg8 28.gxh7+ Kxh7 29.Rxe1 Kg8 30.Ng5 Rac8 31.Kg1 Rc2 32.a3 Rc3
33.Kf2 Rxa3 34.h4 Nf6 35.Kf3 Rb3 36.g3 Nh5 37.Nh3 Nxg3 38.Nf4 Nf5 39.Nxd5
Rd3 40.h5 Nxd4+ 41.Kf4 Ne6+ 42.Kg4 Rxd5 43.Bxa7 Ra8 44.Rxe6 Rxa7 45.Re8+
Kh7 46.Re4 Raa5 47.Kf3 Rxh5 48.Ke3 Ra3+ 49.Kf4 Rh4+ 50.Ke5 Ra5+ 51.Kd4
Ra4+ 52.Kd5 Rhxe4 53.Kc5 Ra5+ 54.Kd6 Rd4+ 55.Ke6 Kg8 56.Ke7 Re5# 0-1

==USOCCC 1987==
by [[Larry Kaufman]] from the [[USOCCC 1987]] report <ref>[[Larry Kaufman]] ('''1988'''). ''U.S. Open Computer Chess Championship''. [[Computer Chess Reports]] 1987-1988, pp. 21</ref> :
As for Rex IV, by Don Dailey and myself, we were quite pleased to tie with [[Chessmaster#2100|Fidelity Chessmaster]] for top [[IBM PC|PC]], although they won in tiebreak points. Had [[Repetitions|repetition detection]] been added before the first round instead of after we would gave picked up half a point then. Rex is unique in that it allows a chess master with minimal programming expertise (i.e. myself) to input chess knowledge directly into the program without bothering the programmer. Whether it will become commercial is not yet clear.

==From Rex to Rexchess==
by [[Larry Kaufman]] from ''The Rexchess Story'' <ref>[[Larry Kaufman]] ('''1990'''). ''The Rexchess Story''. [[Computer Chess Reports|Computer Chess Reports Quarterly]], Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 8</ref> :
The next step forward came when [[Novag|Novag's]] [[David Kittinger|Dave Kittinger]], Don and I jointly worked out how to do an effective [[Selectivity|selective]] [[Search|search]] program. Dave put these ideas into the [[Novag Expert|Super Expert B]] and [[Novag Forte|Super Forte B]], while Don and I put them into Rex. So we decided to enter the [[WCCC 1989|1989 World Computer Championship]] in Edmonton, although the program was very incomplete and not fully debugged. We scored 2 out of 5, around the middle of the PC programs, although our 20 MHz [[x86|368]] was one of the slower machines present. Soon thereafter, Don quit his job to devote 2 months full-time to completing Rex and adding features necessary for a commercial program.

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