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a version of [[Clubfoot]], the [[UCI]] [[:Category:Open Source Engines|open source chess engine]] written by [[Shawn Chidester]] in [[Cpp|C++]], that uses [[Bitboards|bitboards]] <ref>[ Bitfoot/ at master · zd3nik/Bitfoot · GitHub]</ref>. The [[Search|search]] mechanics of this engine are identical to those used in Clubfoot. The differences are [[Board Representation|board representation]], [[Move Generation|move generation]], and [[Evaluation|positional evaluation]]. Bitfoot uses bitboard for board representaion, Clubfoot uses [[0x88]] board representation. Move generation is strongly tied to board representation so move generation between the two engines is implicitly different. Positional evaluation in Bitfoot takes advantage of the capabilities enabled by using bitboards. So Bitfoot's positional evaluation is much more advanced than Clubfoot's. That being said, Bitfoot's positional evaluation is still relatively dump compared to many of today's top engines.
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