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'''[[Main Page|Home]] * [[User Interface]] * [[GUI]] * Gavon'''
[[FILE:gavon_tontec.jpg|border|right|thumb| Gavon 2 <ref>[ Tontec's] 320x480 [ TFT display] attached to [[Raspberry Pi|Raspberri Pi 2]] and [[Mephisto Module Systems|Mephisto Modular]]</ref> ]]
a portable, commercial chess system by [[Josu Bergara Ede]] with the look and feel of the [[Dedicated Chess Computers|dedicated chess computers]] of the 80's, using [[Windows]] [ tablet], [[Raspberry Pi]], [[pcDuino]], or [[ODROID]] with [ LCD] and [ Keypad] unit <ref>[ Adafruit RGB Positive 16x2 LCD+Keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi]</ref> or [ TFT displays], and a [ SD memory card] with pre-installed [[:Category:Open Source|open source chess engines]], shipped via [ eBay].
Gavon can be classified as a chess UI [[GUI]] similar to [[Arena]] or [[Scid vs. PC]] with the chess engines integrated. It is written in [[C]], like the chess engines compiled for the [[ARM11|ARM]] processor, running under [[Linux]], supporting both the [[UCI|Universal Chess Interface]] and the [[Chess Engine Communication Protocol]] aka [[XBoard]].
=Playing Chess=
=See also=
* [[Caddell Chess]]
* [[Dedicated Chess Computers]]
* [[DGT Board]]

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