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Automated Tuning

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* [[Rémi Coulom]] ('''2011'''). ''[ CLOP: Confident Local Optimization for Noisy Black-Box Parameter Tuning]''. [[Advances in Computer Games 13]] <ref>[ CLOP for Noisy Black-Box Parameter Optimization] by [[Rémi Coulom]], [[CCC]], September 01, 2011</ref> <ref>[ CLOP slides] by [[Rémi Coulom]], [[CCC]], November 03, 2011</ref>
* [[Kunihito Hoki]], [[Tomoyuki Kaneko]] ('''2011'''). ''[ The Global Landscape of Objective Functions for the Optimization of Shogi Piece Values with a Game-Tree Search]''. [[Advances in Computer Games 13]] » [[Shogi]]
* [[Mathematician#JCDuchi|John Duchi]], [[Mathematician#EHazan|Elad Hazan]], [[Mathematician#YSinger|Yoram Singer]] ('''2011'''). ''[ Adaptive Subgradient Methods forOnline for Online Learning and Stochastic Optimization]''. [ Journal of Machine Learning Research], Vol. 12, [ pdf] » [ AdaGrad]
* [[Amir Ban]] ('''2012'''). ''[ Automatic Learning of Evaluation, with Applications to Computer Chess]''. Discussion Paper 613, [ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem] - Center for the Study of Rationality, [ Givat Ram]

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