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SABA Videoplay 20 [1]

SABA Videoplay 20, (Videocart Nr. 20: Schach)
a ROM cartridge video chess game by the now defunct German electronics manufacturer SABA for the Fairchild Channel F and licensed video game consoles with F8 processor, such as the SABA Videoplay [2]. The chess cartridge was first released in 1979. The game, according to Torsten Othmer, an exclusive in-house development of SABA [3], today available as disassembled source code, is playable under the Multi Emulator Super System MESS [4]. The game has four difficulty levels, where it turns in a matter of seconds in the easiest level until up to 50 minutes in the highest difficulty. To allow the player to watch something else on the TV while the system is busy, the game cart indicates its "thinking" state with a led [5].

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