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Roland Chastain,
a French computer chess programmer, and author a various open source chess engines and utilities, and the Eschecs GUI - most programs and engines written in Pascal. He further retouched some engines, hosting fixes and ports as open source on GitHub [1] and GitLab, along with his own programs.

Chess Engines

Engine Protocol Variants Language GitHub Origin
Moustique UCI Pascal Moustique JS Schach by Jürgen Schlottke
Alouette UCI Chess960 Object Pascal Alouette
Luciole UCI Chess960 Lua Luciole
Durandal UCI Chess960, Capablanca Chess Pascal Durandal


Engine Author Language GitHub/GitLab
Mater Valentin Albillo Pascal Mater
CookieCat Steven Edwards Free Pascal CookieCat
Critter Richard Vida Free Pascal Open Critter
Hopeless Pawel Koziol Free Pascal / Lazarus Hopeless Lazarus
Minimax II Dieter Steinwender, Chrilly Donninger Basic CCC
Sam Jonathan Kreuzer C++ CCC
Sachy Martin Macok C CCC

GUI and Utilities

Name Type Language GitHub
Eschecs GUI Pascal Eschecs
Chess-Image Utility Lazarus Chess-Image
Substitute Utility Pascal Substitute

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