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Pablo San Segundo [1]

Pablo San Segundo Carrillo,
a Spanish chess grandmaster, Spanish chess champion in 1997 and member of the Olympic team since 1994, computer scientist and associate professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). His research interests include heuristics, combinatorics, game theory, graph theory, clique problems and vertex coloring, and AI search- and optimization problems in general, specially applying bitboards. In their 2005 paper, Bitboards: A New Approach [2] , Pablo San Segundo and Ramón Galán mention Bitscan by Modulo for finding 1-bits in a practically no space consuming way, at that time likely not yet aware of De Bruijn multiplication as proposed by Charles Leiserson et al. in 1998 [3], which is however mentioned in Segundo et al. 2011 on BBMC [4].


Pablo San Segundo has released BITSCAN, an efficient C++ library for bitstrings which is optimized for scanning bit vectors of any size, and which he used to implement BBMC (BB-MaxClique), a state of the art maximum clique algorithm [5]. BBMC encodes the graph problem as bitstrings and uses bitmasks to implement the basic computations in the search. BITSCAN is publicly available a GitHub repository [6].


GRAPH, a small C++ library with a number of data types for bit-encoded graphs using BITSCAN has been released [7].

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