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Insomnia [1]

a chess program written by James Robertson in C++. He liked the name Insomniac because it implies someone who is tireless, but also somebody who is a little bit crazy.


Insomniac used various fractional extensions like one-reply-to-check extensions, and extends half a ply whenever there is a check in the tree [2]. Concerning mate extensions after null move, there were some early problems with scores in the mate range [3], presumably due to failing-hard.

Tournament Play

Insomniac had it tournament debut at the DOCCC 1999, and further played the WMCCC 2000 in London, the WCCC 2002 in Maastricht, ICT 2001, ICT 2002, DOCCC 2002 and the first four CCT Tournaments. The Insomniac team was completed by book author Josef Zwinger.

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feat. Al Di Meola, Bill Evans, Stanley Clarke, Dave Weckl et al.
Takis Paterelis, Thodoris Kotsifas, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Ntinos Manos, Vassilis Podaras


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