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Deep<9>, (Deep <9>, Deep9)
a chess engine clone by German system engineer [1] Denis Grafen. Deep<9> played the CSS Online-Masters in 2002/2003 [2], and was initially registered to play the IPCCC 2003 [3], when short after it was proved a clone of Pepito, the open source chess engine written by Carlos del Cacho. Only after evidence of cloning was presented, Denis Grafen admitted Deep<9> was based on Pepito [4].

Selected Games

CSS Online-Masters 2002/2003, round 1, Fritz 8 (Erdogan Günes) - Deep<9> (Denis Grafen) [5]

[Event "CSS Online Masters"]
[Site "CSS"]
[Date "2002.12.07"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Fritz 8"]
[Black "Deep<9> EXP V1R5"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.Nc3 c5 2.e4 Nc6 3.g3 g6 4.Bg2 Bg7 5.h3 d6 6.d3 Nf6 7.Nge2 O-O 8.O-O Rb8 9.a4 b6 
10.f4 Nb4 11.d4 cxd4 12.Nxd4 Bb7 13.Be3 e5 14.Ndb5 d5 15.Qd2 d4 16.fxe5 dxe3 17.Qxd8 
Rfxd8 18.exf6 Bf8 19.Nxa7 Nxc2 20.Rad1 Bd6 21.Rdc1 Nb4 22.Rce1 Nd3 23.Re2 Bxg3 24.Rxe3 
Be5 25.Nab5 Nxb2 26.Re2 Nd3 27.Nd5 Nc5 28.Ra2 Nxe4 29.Nxb6 Nd2 30.Rf2 Nf3+ 31.Bxf3 Bxf3 
32.Nd7 Rxd7 33.Rxf3 Rb6 34.Rc2 Bxf6 35.Kg2 Be5 36.Rc8+ Kg7 37.Ra8 Rc6 38.Re8 f6 39.Ra8 h5 
40.Re3 Rd2+ 41.Kf3 Rcc2 42.Ra7+ Kh6 43.Re7 Rdf2+ 44.Ke4 Bf4 45.Re1 Rcd2 46.Nd4 Bd6 47.Kd5 
Bxe7 48.Rxe7 Rd3 49.Kc4 Rxh3 0-1

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