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a chess engine by Daniel Shawul written in C++, compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol. DanChess uses a hybrid mailbox and bitboards board representation [1] , utilizes attack tables, and is able to probe Nalimov Tablebases. DanChess had its tournament debut in 2005, playing a strong CCT7 [2] , but was soon superseeded by its successor Scorpio [3].


During forum discussions about early DanChess versions and the definition of clones [4], Robert Hyatt pointed out DanChess had various pre-initialized tables as used in Crafty and a quite similar SEE swap implementation [5], the latter also mentioned as extremely similar by Dann Corbit, who as a kind of ombudsman inspected DanChess' source code concluding it "clean" otherwise, and disagreed with Hyatt about both the spirit and the extent of whether or not DanChess is a Crafty clone [6]. However, all controversial tracks were later removed in subsequent versions, version 1.04 was published as open source [7].

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