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Anubis [1]

a private WinBoard compliant chess engine by José Carlos Martínez Galán, its development started in 2003 as successor of Averno. Anubis is a bitboard engine, and in its first version generated sliding piece attacks using Kogge-Stone-like algorithms [2]. Completely re-written in 2012 [3], Anubis played some private tournaments by Sergio Martinez [4].


José Carlos Martínez Galán in 2012 [5]

Additionally, as that Anubis had such a crap design, I've started a new one from scratch, and I've reused the name. The new one is well designed and has much more potential, but it's not complete yet, it can't play chess.
I planned to give the sources along with the program because I believe this design is really good, but all the mess around the Rybka case has made me change my mind. Too much trouble for what should be an enjoyable hobby. So I'm not going to release any chess program nor participate in any tournament.

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