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Snellius Building [1]

4th World Chess Software Championship 2015, from July 04 to July 05, 2015, Snellius Building [2] [3], Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands, in conjunction with the WCCC 2015, Advances in Computer Games 14 [4], and the 18th Computer Olympiad. Hardware for all programs was Intel i7-3930K 3.4GHz 4 cores, 16 GiB RAM. Timecontrol was game in 45 minutes per side plus increment of 15 seconds per move. Shredder by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen won its 19th title after winning the blitz play-off (5 minutes, 5 seconds) versus Ginkgo with 1½ - ½. Both programs achieved 5/7 from the round robin and drew both games from the regular play-off. Komodo and Protector share third place.

Final Standing

4th World Chess Software Championship 2015, Leiden, NL

# Program CC R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 P Playoff Playoff 2
1. Shredder DE 7w1 8b1 4w½ 3b½ 2w½ 5b½ 6w1 5 2b½ 2w½ 2b1 2w½
2. Ginkgo DE 4w½ 3b½ 6w½ 5w1 1b½ 7w1 8b1 5 1w½ 1b½ 1w0 1b½
3. Komodo US 6w1 2w½ 5b½ 1w½ 7b½ 8w1 4b½
4. Protector DE 2b½ 5w½ 1b½ 7w1 8b1 6b½ 3w½
5. HIARCS GB 8w1 4b½ 3w½ 2b0 6w½ 1w½ 7b1 4
6. Jonny DE 3b0 7w1 2b½ 8w1 5b½ 4w½ 1b0
7. Maverick US 1b0 6b0 8w1 4b0 3w½ 2b0 5w0
8. Fridolin DE 5b0 1w0 7b0 6b0 4w0 3b0 2w0 0
# Program CC Sh Gi Ko Pr Hi Jo Ma Fr P Playoff Playoff 2
1. Shredder DE x w1 w1 b1 5 1
2. Ginkgo DE x w1 w1 b1 5 1 ½
3. Komodo US x w1 w1
3. Protector DE x w1 b1
5. HIARCS GB b0 x b1 w1 4
6. Jonny DE b0 b0 x w1 w1
7. Maverick US b0 b0 b0 w0 w0 x w1
8. Fridolin DE w0 w0 b0 w0 w0 b0 b0 x 0


4th World Chess Software Championship 2015, Leiden, NL

Program CC Authors Operators
Fridolin DE Christian Sommerfeld
Ginkgo DE Frank Schneider Ingo Bauer
HIARCS GB Mark Uniacke Harvey Williamson
Jonny DE Johannes Zwanzger
Komodo US Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman,
Mark Lefler, Erdogan Günes
Erdogan Günes
Maverick US Steve Maughan Hans van der Zijden
Protector DE Raimund Heid Timo Haupt
Shredder DE Stefan Meyer-Kahlen

Photos & Games

Round 2

Komodo - Ginkgo


Erdogan Günes and Frank Schneider in Komodo vs. Ginkgo, round 2 [5]

[Event "WCSC 2015"]
[Site "Leiden, The Netherlands"]
[Date "2015.07.04"]
[Round "2.1"]
[White "Komodo"]
[Black "Ginkgo"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.b3 g6 3.Bb2 Bg7 4.e3 O-O 5.Be2 d6 6.d4 c5 7.c4 cxd4 8.Nxd4 Nc6 9.O-O Nxd4
10.exd4 d5 11.c5 b6 12.Nc3 Bd7 13.Rc1 Bc6 14.cxb6 axb6 15.a4 Qd7 16.Bb5 Rfc8 17.Qd3 Bh6
18.Ba6 Bb7 19.Bxb7 Qxb7 20.Rc2 Ne4 21.Bc1 Bg7 22.Nb5 Rxc2 23.Qxc2 Rc8 24.Qb2 Rc6 25.Be3
Nc5 26.Qb1 Ne6 27.Qd3 Bf6 28.h3 Ng7 29.Bh6 Nf5 30.Bf4 h5 31.g3 Qd7 32.Rc1 Rxc1+ 33.Bxc1
Qe6 34.Bd2 Bg7 35.Kg2 Qf6 36.Bc3 Qc6 37.Kh2 Bh6 38.Bd2 Bxd2 39.Qxd2 f6 40.Kg2 Kf7 41.Qc3
Qxc3 42.Nxc3 Ke6 43.Nb5 g5 44.Kf3 Ng7 45.b4 Kd7 46.a5 bxa5 47.bxa5 Ne6 48.a6 Kc6 49.a7
Kb7 50.Ke3 Ka8 51.Ke2 Kb7 52.Kd3 Ka8 53.Ke3 Kb7 54.Kf3 Ka8 55.Kg2 Kb7 56.Kf1 Ka8 57.Ke2
Kb7 58.Kd3 Ka8 59.Ke3 Kb7 60.Ke2 Ka8 61.Kf3 Kb7 62.Ke3 Ka8 63.Ke2 1/2-1/2

Protector - Hiarcs


Harvey Williamson and Timo Haupt in Protector vs. HIARCS waiting for 20.Qa8+

[Event "WCSC 2015"]
[Site "Leiden, The Netherlands"]
[Date "2015.07.04"]
[Round "2.4"]
[White "Protector"]
[Black "Hiarcs"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 d5 4.e3 e6 5.Nf3 Nbd7 6.Bd3 dxc4 7.Bxc4 b5 8.Bd3 Bb7 9.O-O a6 
10.e4 c5 11.d5 Qc7 12.dxe6 fxe6 13.Bc2 Bd6 14.Ng5 Nf8 15.f4 O-O-O 16.Qe2 h6 17.Nf3 Bxf4 
18.e5 Bxf3 19.Qxf3 Bxe5 20.Qa8+ Kd7 21.Qxa6 b4 22.Nb5 Qc6 23.Rd1+ Nd5 24.Rxd5+ exd5 
25.Bf5+ Ne6 26.Qa7+ Kc8 27.Qe7 Kb8 28.Qa7+ Kc8 29.Bd2 Rhe8 30.Re1 g6 31.Bg4 h5 32.Bh3 
Qxb5 33.Rxe5 Rd6 34.Bf4 Kd8 35.Bg3 Qd7 36.Bh4+ Kc8 37.Qa8+ Kc7 38.Qa7+ Kc8 39.Qa8+ Kc7 
40.Qa7+ Kc6 41.Qa6+ Kc7 42.Qa7+ 1/2-1/2

Round 5

Shredder - Ginkgo


Shredder by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen vs. Ginkgo operated by Ingo Bauer. Both programs meet four more times
to finally decide the championship. This one was a tough game for the later champion [6]

[Event "WCSC 2015"]
[Site "Leiden, The Netherlands"]
[Date "2015.07.05"]
[Round "5.4"]
[White "Shredder"]
[Black "Ginkgo"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 e6 7.f3 b5 8.g4 h6 9.Qd2 b4 
10.Nce2 e5 11.Nb3 a5 12.Ng3 a4 13.Nc1 d5 14.Bb5+ Bd7 15.Bxd7+ Qxd7 16.exd5 Nxd5 
17.Nd3 a3 18.b3 f6 19.Ne4 Na6 20.O-O-O Nac7 21.Rhe1 O-O-O 22.Qf2 Nxe3 23.Qxe3 Nd5 
24.Qf2 Qc7 25.Rd2 Be7 26.Nec5 Nc3 27.Ne6 Qc6 28.Nxg7 Bf8 29.Nf5 Rh7 30.Ne3 Rhd7 
31.Nf5 Nxa2+ 32.Kb1 Nc3+ 33.Ka1 a2 34.Qf1 Nb1 35.Rde2 Ra7 36.Nb2 Kc7 37.Qg1 Bc5
38.Qg2 Bd4 39.Nxd4 Rxd4 40.Qh1 Ra5 41.h4 Nd2 42.f4 e4 43.Qg1 Nf3 44.Qe3 Nxe1 
45.Rxe1 Qc5 46.g5 hxg5 47.hxg5 fxg5 48.fxg5 Qe5 49.g6 Rd6 50.Qg1 Rd7 51.Qe3 Rc5 
52.Rc1 Qg5 53.Qe1 e3 54.Kxa2 e2 55.Kb1 Re5 56.Nd3 Re4 57.Qh1 Qe3 58.Qh2+ Kb7 
59.g7 Rxg7 60.Qd6 Ka7 61.Kb2 Qd4+ 62.Qxd4+ Rxd4 63.Re1 Re4 64.Kc1 Kb6 65.Kd2 Rc7 
66.Nc1 Rd7+ 67.Nd3 Rde7 68.Nc1 Kb7 69.Rxe2 Rd7+ 70.Ke1 Rg4 71.Nd3 Rh7 72.Re5 Rh1+ 
73.Kd2 Kb6 74.Re2 Ka7 75.c3 bxc3+ 76.Kxc3 Rh3 77.b4 Rgg3 78.Ra2+ Kb6 79.Rd2 Kb5 
80.Kc2 Re3 81.Nc5 Rh4 82.Kc1 Re1+ 83.Rd1 Re8 84.Kd2 Rg4 85.Nd3 Rg2+ 86.Kc3 Rg3 
87.Rd2 Re7 88.Kd4 Rg4+ 89.Kc3 Rc4+ 90.Kb2 Rd4 91.Kc2 Rc7+ 92.Kb2 Ra7 93.Kc3 Rc4+ 
94.Kb3 Rd7 95.Rd1 Re4 96.Kb2 Re2+ 97.Kc3 Re3 98.Kc2 Rc7+ 99.Kb3 Rh7 100.Kb2 Kc4 
101.Nc1 Rh2+ 102.Kb1 Reh3 103.b5 Rh5 104.Rf1 Rxb5+ 105.Ka1 1/2-1/2

Maverick - Komodo


Surprising draw in Maverick vs. Komodo, Mark Lefler, Erdogan Günes and Hans van der Zijden (Maverick)

[Event "WCSC 2015"]
[Site "Leiden, The Netherlands"]
[Date "2015.07.05"]
[Round "5.3"]
[White "Maverick"]
[Black "Komodo"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 a6 5.a4 g6 6.Bf4 Bg7 7.e3 O-O 8.Qb3 Qa5 9.Qa3 c5
10.Qxc5 Qxc5 11.dxc5 Ne4 12.Be5 Nxc3 13.Bxc3 Bxc3+ 14.bxc3 dxc4 15.Bxc4 Nd7 16.c6
bxc6 17.a5 Ra7 18.h4 h6 19.Rb1 Kg7 20.O-O Rc7 21.h5 gxh5 22.Rfd1 Re8 23.Be2 c5
24.Rb2 Nf6 25.Ne5 c4 26.Rd4 Rc5 27.Nxc4 Be6 28.e4 Bxc4 29.Rxc4 Rxa5 30.f3 h4 31.Kh2
e6 32.Rc6 Nh5 33.Rxa6 Rxa6 34.Bxa6 Kf6 35.Kh3 Kg5 36.Rb5+ f5 37.Bb7 Nf4+ 38.Kh2 Ne2
39.c4 Rd8 40.exf5 exf5 41.Rd5 Re8 42.Rd2 Nf4 43.Bc6 Re1 44.Ba4 Rc1 45.Rc2 Ra1 46.Bb3
Nh5 47.Rd2 Rb1 48.Ba4 Rb4 49.Bb5 Ng3 50.Rd1 Rb2 51.Bd7 Rc2 52.Be6 Kf6 53.Bd7 Rxc4
54.Bb5 Rb4 55.Ba6 Nh5 56.Rd5 Ra4 57.Bd3 Ng3 58.Bc2 Rc4 59.Bb3 Rc3 60.Ba4 Ra3 61.Rd4
Ke5 62.Rxh4 f4 63.Be8 Ra1 64.Kh3 h5 65.Bxh5 Nf5 66.g3 Nxh4 67.gxh4 Rh1+ 68.Kg4 Rg1+
69.Kh3 Ke6 70.Bg4+ Kf6 71.Kh2 Rc1 72.Kg2 Kg6 73.Kh2 Rc2+ 74.Kh3 Rc7 75.Be6 Kf6
76.Bg4 Re7 77.Bc8 Rg7 78.Bg4 Rg8 79.Kg2 Rh8 80.Kh3 Re8 81.Bd7 Rg8 82.Bg4 Rh8 83.Bd7
Rd8 84.Bg4 Rd3 85.Kg2 Rd1 86.Bc8 Re1 87.Bd7 Rb1 88.Kh2 Rd1 89.Bg4 Re1 90.Bd7 Re3
91.Kg2 Rc3 92.Bg4 Ra3 93.Kh2 Ra2+ 94.Kh3 Rf2 95.Bh5 Re2 96.Bg4 Re1 97.Bd7 Rg1 98.Kh2
Rg7 99.Bg4 Rh7 100.Kh3 Rc7 101.Bh5 Re7 102.Bg4 Re3 103.Kh2 Kg6 104.Kh3 Re1 105.Bd7
Rg1 106.Kh2 Rd1 107.Bg4 Rc1 108.Kg2 Ra1 109.Kh2 Kg7 110.Bf5 Rf1 111.Kg2 Rxf3 112.Kxf3
Kh6 113.Bg4 Kh7 114.Kxf4 1/2-1/2

Unexpected interaction through it's Shredder GUI - Maverick's request for Komodo to take back 69... Ke6



Shredder is winning the first blitz game with Black

[Event "WCSC 2015 Playoff 2"]
[Site "Leiden, The Netherlands"]
[Date "2015.07.05"]
[Round "10"]
[White "Ginkgo"]
[Black "Shredder"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.Bd3 Nf6 6.O-O d6 7.c4 Bd7 8.Nc3 Nc6 9.Nxc6 Bxc6
10.Be3 Be7 11.f3 O-O 12.Qc2 Nd7 13.Rfd1 Nc5 14.Be2 Qb6 15.Rab1 a5 16.Nb5 Rfd8 17.Nd4 Bf6
18.g3 Qa7 19.b3 Be8 20.a3 a4 21.b4 Nb3 22.Qd3 Nxd4 23.Bxd4 Qxd4+ 24.Qxd4 Bxd4+ 25.Rxd4 Kf8
26.Kf2 b6 27.Rc1 e5 28.Rd2 f6 29.f4 Ke7 30.Rdc2 Rac8 31.Ke3 Rc6 32.Bf3 Rc7 33.h4 h5 34.Be2
Rb8 35.Rd2 Bf7 36.Rcd1 Rd8 37.f5 g6 38.fxg6 Bxg6 39.Rg1 Rg8 40.Rgd1 Bf7 41.Kf2 Rd8 42.Ke3
Be6 43.Rc1 Rg8 44.Kf2 Bg4 45.Bd3 Rc6 46.Kg2 Rf8 47.Rf1 Be6 48.Rc2 Rcc8 49.Rcc1 Bg4 50.Rc2
Ke6 51.Rd2 Rc7 52.Rdf2 Ke7 53.Rc1 Be6 54.Kh2 Rg8 55.Rd2 Bf7 56.Be2 Bg6 57.Rcd1 Rd8 58.Bd3
Bf7 59.Rc2 Be6 60.Rf1 Rdc8 61.Rfc1 Bd7 62.Kg2 Rh8 63.Be2 Bc6 64.Bf3 Rhc8 65.Kf2 Bb7 66.Bg2
Rf8 67.Rf1 Bc8 68.Bf3 f5 69.Kg1 Rg8 70.Kh2 fxe4 71.Bxe4 Be6 72.Rfc1 Rgc8 73.Bd3 Rf8 74.Kg2
d5 75.Re1 dxc4 76.Bg6 Bd5+ 77.Kh2 Kd6 78.Bxh5 e4 79.Bd1 c3 80.Rce2 e3 81.Kh3 Be6+ 82.Kg2
Rf2+ 83.Rxf2 exf2 84.Kxf2 c2 85.Bxc2 Rxc2+ 86.Re2 Rxe2+ 87.Kxe2 Bg4+ 88.Kd3 Kd5 89.b5 Bh5
90.Kc3 Ke4 91.Kc4 Be2+ 92.Kc3 Ke3 93.g4 Bxg4 94.Kc4 0-1

Second blitz play-off game ends in a draw, Shredder is 4th World Chess Software Champion!

[Event "WCSC 2015 Playoff 2"]
[Site "Leiden, The Netherlands"]
[Date "2015.07.05"]
[Round "11"]
[White "Shredder"]
[Black "Ginkgo"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 d6 8.c3 O-O 9.h3 Nb8 10.d4
Nbd7 11.Nbd2 Bb7 12.Bc2 Re8 13.b3 Nh5 14.a4 g6 15.Nf1 Qc8 16.axb5 axb5 17.Rxa8 Qxa8 18.Bh6
Nhf6 19.N1d2 Qa3 20.Bd3 c6 21.Qc2 Ra8 22.c4 Rc8 23.Be3 Qa5 24.dxe5 Nxe5 25.Nxe5 dxe5 26.Nf3
Nd7 27.Rd1 f6 28.cxb5 cxb5 29.Bc4+ bxc4 30.Rxd7 Qb4 31.bxc4 Bc6 32.Ra7 Ra8 33.Rxa8+ Bxa8
34.Nd2 Bc6 35.c5 Kg7 36.g4 Qa4 37.Qc1 Qb4 38.Kg2 Qb5 39.Qa3 Qa4 40.Qc3 Bd8 41.f3 Bb5 42.Qc1
Ba5 43.Bf2 Bb4 44.Nc4 Qa2 45.Ne3 Bd2 46.Qc2 Qxc2 47.Nxc2 Kf7 48.Be1 Bh6 49.Kf2 Bg5 50.Ba5
Ke6 51.Nb4 Bh4+ 52.Kg2 Ba4 53.Bc7 Be1 54.Na6 Kd7 55.Bd6 Ba5 56.Nb8+ Ke6 57.f4 exf4 58.Bxf4
g5 59.Bg3 Ke7 60.Bd6+ Kd8 61.c6 Bb5 62.Bg3 Bc3 63.h4 h6 64.h5 Ba4 65.Bd6 Bb2 66.c7+ Kc8
67.Na6 Bc2 68.Kf3 Bd1+ 69.Kg3 Bc2 70.Kf3 Bd1+ 71.Kg3 Bc2 1/2-1/2



Winners WCSC 2015, authors and operators of Ginkgo, Shredder, Komodo and Protector [7] [8]

Group Photo


WCSC 2015 group photo, from left: Mark Lefler, Erdogan Günes, Jaap van den Herik, Johanna Hellemons,
WCSC winner Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, WCCC winner Johannes Zwanzger with Shannon Trophy,
Christian Sommerfeld, Timo Haupt, Harvey Williamson, Jan Krabbenbos, Ingo Bauer [9]

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