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TascBase GUI [1]

a chess database program by TASC, developed since 1993 by former NICBase developers Hans and Nico Kuijf, the GUI by Marc Derksen was based on the ChessMachine GUI. TascBase requires a 80386 PC with VGA-display and at least 4 Mebibyte of memory, running as 32-bit program either under MS-DOS using the DOS extender DOS/4G, or Windows. TascBase 1.0 was released in October 1994, soon followed by version 1.1, incorporating The King engine by Johan de Koning as analysis tool. TascBase 2.0, released in 1996, features Ken Thompson's 5-men endgame databases, followed by TascBase 2.1 in 1997. TascBase was compliant with the TASC SmartBoard, and was also shipped under the name PerfectBase without EGTBs [2].


The native multi-indexed database structure always connects two consecutive key positions by one chess move. TascBase will find piece and pawn formations, material distribution, or specific combinations. Query results could either represented in a list view of all games in the current key - or as key structure as tree of variations. TascBase supports various formats for import and export, beside its native TascBase format, ChessBase (CBF), NICBase, and PGN and customizable text formats [3].

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Opening book, tree view [4]

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