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Sugar [1]

a Stockfish derivative by Marco Zerbinati. Its appearance first discussed in CCC in October 2014 [2], SugaR XPrO 1.2 64-bit 4CPU became Stockfish version top contender in the 2017 CCRL 40/40 rating list [3]. As pointed out by Norman Schmidt, SugaR XPrO 1.3, released in September 2017, had additional code not inside the current Stockfish development version, featuring transposition tables with large pages, persistent hash, Cerebellum book, various endgame functions, fortress detection, and various tweaks and UCI options [4].

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Re: SugaR+110317 by Marco Zerbinati, CCC, March 12, 2017

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feat.: Rich Brown, Larnell Lewis, Ben Wittman, Glenn Patscha, Rob Christian, Michelle Willis & Mike "Maz" Maher


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