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* [https://github.com/sesse sesse (Steinar H. Gunderson) · GitHub]
* [https://github.com/sesse sesse (Steinar H. Gunderson) · GitHub]
* [https://git.sesse.net/ git.sesse.net Git]
* [https://git.sesse.net/ git.sesse.net Git]
** [https://git.sesse.net/?p=remoteglot;a=summary git.sesse.net Git - remoteglot/summary]  
** [https://git.sesse.net/?p=remoteglot;a=summary remoteglot/summary]  
** [https://git.sesse.net/?p=stupid git.sesse.net Git - Stupid, a chess AI]
** [https://git.sesse.net/?p=stupid Stupid, a chess AI]
* [http://analysis.sesse.net/ analysis.sesse.net]
* [http://analysis.sesse.net/ analysis.sesse.net]
* [http://tablebase.sesse.net/ tablebase.sesse.net]
* [http://tablebase.sesse.net/ tablebase.sesse.net]

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Home * People * Steinar H. Gunderson

Sesse [1]

Steinar H. Gunderson, (Sesse)
a Norwegian computer scientist and software engineer, Debian developer and ex-demoscener [2]. While currently affiliated with the Oracle Corporation in the MySQL optimizer team, he previously worked at Google Switzerland on projects such as IPv6, Snappy, and Search by Image [3]. He holds a master in CS from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim on the topic of music information retrieval [4]. Steinar H. Gunderson has a wide range of interests spanning from DSP and computer chess to high-level languages and networking architecture. He has contributed to various FOSS projects [5].

Computer Chess

In 2007, Sesse published the unofficial CTG specification (ChessBase Opening Tree of Games) [6]. He is author of remoteglot [7], a program used to use a UCI compatible chess engine to analyze chess games, including live online relay. It is used for his live chess analysis website, known as Sesse [8]. He has further written the UCI compliant engine Stupid [9], hosts Nalimov Tablebases and Syzygy Bases [10], and is contributor to the Stockfish project [11].


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