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the first chess program by primary author [[Robert Hyatt]] and chess advisor [[Albert Gower]] from [[University of Southern Mississippi]]. Blitz was a [[Type B Strategy|Shannon Type B]] program written in [[Fortran]]. It played the [[ACM 1976]], [[ACM 1977]], the [[WCCC 1977]], . At this point it was rewritten as a [[Type A Strategy|Shannon Type A]] search due to the success of [[David Slate|Slate]]/[[Larry Atkin|Atkin]] and [[Chess (Program)#Chess 4.0 - 4.9|Chess 4.x]]. This version competed in the [[ACM 1978]], the [[ACM 1979]] (ran on [[UNIVAC 1100|UNIVAC 1100/80]]), until at the [[ACM 1980]] successor [[Cray Blitz]] appeared.
What do you mean by "not even a real [[Quiescence Search|quiescence search]]"?
I searched 5 plies and *quit*. I did use a [[Static Exchange Evaluation|static exchange evaluator]] to determine if the tip moves were safe. This was searching under 100 [[Nodes per Second|nodes per second]] on a machine that was rated at .7 MIPS. This program finished in a 3-way tie for 2nd at the [[ACM 1976|1976 ACM]] computer chess tournament, but the following year I was "exhaustive"... :)
=Source Code=
In November 2019, [[Robert Hyatt]] published the [ OCRed] [[Fortran]] source code of version 6.9, dated 1977 <ref>[[]], courtesy of [[Robert Hyatt]] contains 66 [[Fortran]] files, likely with [ OCR] errors</ref> <ref>[ oldie but goody] by [[Robert Hyatt]], [[CCC]], November 05, 2019</ref>
=See also=
* Editor ('''1979'''). ''Will Blitz be next year's champ?'' [[Personal Computing]], Vol. 3, No. 7, pp. 80, July 1979 » [[ACM 1978]], [[Belle#Blitz|Blitz 6.5 - Belle]], Round 4
* [[Robert Hyatt]] ('''1980'''). ''A Southern Blitz''. [[Personal Computing#4_6|Personal Computing, Vol. 4, No. 6]], pp. 93
* [[Robert Hyatt]] ('''2020'''). ''The history of BLITZ/CRAY-BLITZ/CRAFTY''. [[ICGA Journal#42_23|ICGA Journal, Vol. 42, Nos. 2-3]]
=Forum Post=
* [ Re: Square-of-the-pawn] by [[Robert Hyatt]], [[CCC]], January 13, 1998 » [[Rule of the Square]]
** [ Re: Square-of-the-pawn] by [[Robert Hyatt]], [[CCC]], January 13, 1998
* [ oldie but goody] by [[Robert Hyatt]], [[CCC]], November 05, 2019 » [[#Source Code|Source Code]]
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