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Chess Guru

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A first Chess program was written by C. Marche, G. Le Blanc, and J. Rivat in 1990. With this experience, J. Rivat rewrote everything using [[Bitboards|bitboards]]. After [[Robert Hyatt]] started using bitboards too, long discussions on ics and sharing new ideas permitted to improve considerably the technique.
Chess Guru is a 64 bits intensive program and performs poorly on 32 bits computers. The search algorithm is using [[Principal Variation Search|PVS]] with [[Null Move Pruning|nullmove]], extended [[Transposition Table|Extended Transposition Tabletransposition table]], [[Refutation Table|refutation table]], [[Internal Iterative Deepening|internal iterative deepening]], several classical [[Extensions|extensions]] schemes (like [[Check Extensions|incheck extension]], [[Recapture Extensions|recaptures]]). The [[Evaluation|evaluation]] includes [[Development|development]], [[Mobility|mobility]], [[Pawn Structure|pawn structure]] and [[King Safety|king safety]] .
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