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Pierre Nolot

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'''Pierre Nolot''',<br/>
a French chess player and official, computer chess expert, writer and journalist as well as [[:Category:Tournament OrganizersDirector|tournament organizer]] of the [[CPWTIPC 1981]] <ref>[[Kevin O’Connell]] ('''1981'''). ''MicroChess - Paris Tournament''. [[Personal Computer World]], August 1981, [ Publication Archive] from [ Chess Computer UK] by [[Mike Watters]]</ref> <ref>[[Gerhard Piel]] ('''1981'''). ''Wilde Weltmeisterschaften''. [ Rochade], 08-1981 (German) in [,%202.%20Mikrocomputer-Schachweltmeisterschaft%20in%20Travemunde%20und%20Hamburg.pdf 09-1981, 2. Mikrocomputer-Schachweltmeisterschaft in Travemünde und Hamburg] (pdf) hosted by [[Hein Veldhuis]]</ref> and as president of the [ Clichy] Chess Club, the [[French Computer Chess Championship|French Computer Chess Championships]] from the first edition in [[FCCC 1992|1992]] until [[FCCC 1999|1999]] <ref>[ Re: French Computer Chess Championship results] by [[Pascal Coupet]], [[CCC]], October 11, 1999</ref>. He created several test suites, most notable [[The Nolot Suite]], eleven quite difficult test-positions, in 1994 introduced by [[Marc-François Baudot]] <ref>[ 11 tactical positions computers can't solve] by [[Marc-François Baudot]], [[Computer Chess Forums|]], July 11, 1994</ref> <ref>[ Pierre Nolot's solutions to the 11 positions] by [[Marc-François Baudot]], [[Computer Chess Forums|]], July 29, 1994</ref> in [[Computer Chess Forums|]] to a wider audience. =Two Positions=In an article in ''Échec & Mat'' magazine from October-November-December 2009, Nolot gives two further positions hard to solve for programs <ref>''Les échecs, un sacré programme''. Échec et mat, n° 101, October-November-December 2009, pp. 14, Nolot pp. 17, [ pdf]</ref> ==Nikolic - Fischer==Emil Nikolic vs [ Bobby Fischer], 1968, 19... Bg4! <ref>[ Emil Nikolic vs Robert James Fischer (1968) from]</ref><fentt border="double" style="font-size:24pt">r3r1k1/pp1q1p2/2p2npb/PPPp1bnp/3PpN2/2N1P1PP/1R1B1PBK/3Q1R2</fentt> r3r1k1/pp1q1p2/2p2npb/PPPp1bnp/3PpN2/2N1P1PP/1R1B1PBK/3Q1R2 b - - 0 19 ==Gusev - Auerbach==Yuri S. Gusev vs E. Auerbach (1946) 24.Qxe5! <ref>[ Yuri S Gusev vs E Auerbach (1946) Gusev's Immortal from]</ref> <ref>[ 8405. Gusev v Auerbach - Chess Notes] by [ Edward Winter]</ref><fentt border="double" style="font-size:24pt">4q1kr/p6p/1prQPppB/4n3/4P3/2P5/PP2B2P/R5K1</fentt>4q1kr/p6p/1prQPppB/4n3/4P3/2P5/PP2B2P/R5K1 w - - 1 24
=Selected Publications=
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