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The Baron

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[[FILE:BaronieBreda1635.jpg|border|right|thumb| Barony of [ Breda], the home of The Baron <ref>Map detail [ Duchy of Brabant] from [ Baronie van Breda from] (Dutch), The Baron has likely dual Dutch and Belgian "citizenship", but recently played under the Belgian flag, where his author currently resides near the Dutch border</ref> ]]
'''The Baron''',<br/>
a [[Chess Engine Communication Protocol]] compatible chess engine developed by [[Richard Pijl]] started in August 2001. Richard's intention was to make a [[Knowledge|knowledge]] based engine rather than a fast searcher, with main focus on [[Endgame|endgame]] knowledge. The Baron's [[Search|search]] started out to be pretty much [[Brute-Force|brute force]], except for [[Null Move Pruning|null-move pruning]], but more recently <ref>[[CCT14]], 2012</ref> more extensive use of [[Futility Pruning|futility pruning]] and [[Late Move Reductions|late move reductions]] have been implemented. The Baron further applies position [[Learning|learning]] and has its own type of [[Endgame Bitbases|endgame bitbases]] <ref>[ The Baron - Homepage]</ref>.

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