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Arthur Norman

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a British mathematician, computer scientist, and Fellow of [,_Cambridge Trinity College, Cambridge],
where he has previously been a director of studies for computer science <ref>[ Computer Laboratory: 2008-03-12: Arthur Norman’s last lecture]</ref>.
His research interests include [ functional programming], [ symbolic computation], [ computer algebra systems]] and [[Languages|programming languages]].
In the 80s, while also affiliated with [ Acornsoft], he was involved in developing the [ Acornsoft] [[LISP]] interpreter <ref>[ ARX, Arthur and RISC OS] by [ Paul Fellows], [ RISC OS User Group Of London], October 15, 2012</ref>,
and, along with [[Nick Pelling]] (Orlando), he contributed to the chess program [[Acornsoft Chess]] <ref>[ Chess (V2.1) - Complete BBC Games Archive]</ref>,

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