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=Queening versus Minor Promotions=
Most often in practical play promotions occur to the strongest piece, the queen, also referred as '''queening'''. A promotion to other than the queen is called minor- or underpromotion, where once in a while the promotion to a knight has some practical relevance due to its distinct attacking with the possibility to check <ref>[ Lasker Trap from Wikipedia] features an underpromotion as early as the seventh move</ref> or to fork, see for instance what happened at [[ACM 1991#KnightPromotion|ACM 1991]] in [ Albuquerque] to [[Lachex]]<ref>Page 18 in the [ PDF report ]</ref> . Minor promotions to rook and bishop, whose attacks are sub-set of the queen are very rarely about to avoid [[Stalemate|stalemate]] - or may occur at the [[Root|root]] in cases the promoted piece may be captured immediately anyway. In [[Encoding Moves|move encoding]] the promoted piece requires two extra bits.
=Minor Generation=

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