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Solomon E. Shimony [1]

Solomon Eyal Shimony,
an Israeli mathematician, computer scientist and associate professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. His research interest covers artificial intelligence, with a focus on uncertain reasoning and its applications. In their 2004 paper Generalized Model for Rational Game Tree Search [2], Yan Radovilsky and Solomon Eyal Shimony proposed a generalization of the BPIP-DFISA (Best play for imperfect players - Depth free independent staircase approximation) search control model introduced by Eric B. Baum and Warren D. Smith in 1995 [3] to allow for planning steps, as well as game tree search steps. A rudimentary system employing these ideas for chess was implemented with promising empirical results. Along with David Tolpin, he researched and published on Monte-Carlo Tree Search and UCT [4].

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