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Explorer Box [1]

SciSys Explorer, (Explorer Chess)
along with Olympiade, Companion II and Concord I, II a series of SciSys dedicated chess computers released from 1983 to 85. The computers had the Hitachi HD6301V1 microcontroller with 4 Kibi ROM and 256 byte RAM in common, running the 6800 branch of the LogiChess program by Kaare Danielsen at a clock frequency of 3.6 resp. 7.2 MHz. A model similar to the Companion II was sold by RadioShack as Tandy 1650 [2]. The SciSys Explorer was Danielsen's first commercial LogiTech release [3], running at 3.6 MHz. The Explorer had an integrated travel sensory pegboard, while the other models were tabletops with press sensory boards.

Companion II

SciSys Companion II [4]

The Companion II ran at 7.2 MHz and had permanent brain implemented. The computer was released in 1984. A revised version of the Companion II was released by Quelle in Germany.


The rare Concord ran at 3.6 MHz, the Concord II, released in 1985, at 7.2 MHz with permanent brain.

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