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SABA Videoplay 20 [1]

SABA Videoplay 20, (Videocart Nr. 20: Schach)
a ROM cartridge video chess game by the German electronics manufacturer SABA for the Fairchild Channel F and licensed video game consoles with F8 processor, such as the SABA Videoplay [2]. The chess cartridge was first released in 1979. The game, according to Torsten Othmer, an exclusive in-house development of SABA [3], today available as disassembled source code, is playable under the Multi Emulator Super System MESS [4].

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  1. Capture from the Fairchild Channel F SABA cart 20: Schach (Chess), YouTube Video
  2. SABA Videoplay - Debüt für die Steckmodule by Torsten Othmer, October 2009 (German)
  3. Videocart Nr. 20: Schach, Game Info as given by Torsten Othmer, translated from German "By far the most elaborate game for the Videoplay. This module is an exclusive in-house development of SABA and was officially sold only in Germany!"
  4. Disassembly: SABA Videoplay 20 - veswiki playable in MESS under Channel F

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