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[[Category:Open Source]]
[[Category:Open Source]]

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Noise curves [1]

an UCI compliant chess engine by Álvaro Begué and José Manuel Morán [2], written in C++, developed since 2013 [3] and first published as open source under the MIT License in June 2017 [4].


The name is the Spanish procounciation of "Ruy 2", meaning the second program in the Ruy-López saga. It is also a homophone of the Spanish word "ruidos", which means "noises".


Board Representation


Null Move Pruning
Late Move Reductions
Check Extensions
Recapture Extensions
Delta Pruning
SEE > 0
Killer Heuristic
History Heuristic


Material Hash Table
Tapered Eval
Bishop Pair
Backward Pawn
Doubled Pawn
Isolated Pawn


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  1. Figure showing the noise curves of various gravitational-wave detectors as a function of frequency together with the characteristic strain of a selection of astrophysical sources, Pink noise from Wikipedia
    Christopher Moore, Robert Cole, Christopher Berry (2014). Gravitational-wave sensitivity curves. arXiv:1408.0740
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