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Pradu Kannan [1]

Pradyumna (Pradu) Kannan from Chandler, Arizona, USA - author of the chess engine Buzz [2]. He is an aerospace engineer and studied aerospace engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. His hobby as a chess programmer started in 2004 and was inspired by GameDev's chess programming article by François-Dominic Laramée . He then wrote his first chess engine Witz [3] which was initially a 0x88 engine and was subsequently rewritten with bitboards. In May 2006, he started working on his current bitboard chess engine Buzz, and short after as team effort along with Andres Valverde and Fonzy Bluemers, on the engine Dirty, which is a hybrid between Buzz (Search) and EveAnn (Evaluation) [4].

Magic Bitboards

Pradu Kannan made Lasse Hansen's initial Magic Bitboard approach to process both lines of a rook- or bishop movement simultaneously [5] applicable with respect to memory size, as he proposed a Java-like, two-dimensional array with individual size for each square [6] [7].



Bob Hyatt and Pradu Kannan at ACCA 2008, Bob implementing Magics? [8] [9]

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