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Phoenix Plant Sculpture [1]

an UCI compliant Java chess engine and masters thesis program by Rahul Aralikatte, which is basically a modified CuckooChess by Peter Österlund. Ten piece-square tables, for all six piece types of the opening phase, plus four piece types (no rook and queen) of the endgame, that is a vector of 640 values is interpreted as chromosome to be trained by a genetic algorithm approach. After 1000 games [2], the modified engine Phoenix apparently outperformed its parent CuckooChess with a rating of 2546 (an increase of 19 points) [3]. After investigations by the original CuckooChess author, he found Phoenix played all games with White! Further, by using the published piece-square tables, Peter Österlund found the modified version around 400 elo weaker than the original, assuming Hanlon's razor applied [4].

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  1. Plant sculpture Planting plane trees to attract the phoenix presented by the city of Beijing and which won the Grand Prize of Honor from the International Jury of Mosaicultures 2013. The Mosaicultures 2013 was presented at the Montreal Botanical Garden during the summer 2013, Photo by Daniel Bordeleau, July 11, 2013, Wikimedia Commons
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