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Peter van Diepen [1]

Peter van Diepen,
a Dutch computer scientist, docent of mathematics and informatics at Luzac College, chess player and as early computer chess programmer. He is author of the program IGM (I'm Going to be Mated), which competed the Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship in 1981 and 1983, and already the unofficial Dutch championship matches in 1979 and 1980 [2] [3] .


Dap Hartmann

Dap Hartmann in 1987 on Schaken voor Computers [4]:

The 275-page book contains 97 diagrams, 49 figures, 43 complete games, and 32 photos. It is, in every aspect, the best book on computer chess so far. Not only does it contain a good course in programming a computer to play chess, it is also very valuable as a reference guide for most of the algorithms used. Advanced readers will be delighted to find clear description of transposition tables and database construction.
Both Van Diepen and Van den Herik are editor-in chief of a major journal, and this is reflected in a crisp style and clear explanation. If ever a book required translation, it is this. In the meantime, those who have command of the Dutch language are singularly privileged. 

Jaap van den Herik

Jaap van den Herik in 2010 [5] :

Along with Barend Swets and Peter van Diepen, I was one of the followers of Euwe and De Groot. Euwe had become extraordinary professor in 1964 Rotterdam and professor in Tilburg (data processing)... 




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