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* [[:Category:Chess Pieces|Chess Pieces]]
* [[:Category:Chess Pieces|Chess Pieces]]
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* [[Pion]]
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Pedone bianco [1]

a UCI compliant chess engine by Fabio Gobbato written in C. The download from its site includes Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, and Linux 32-bit and 64-bit executables [2] . During its early development stages, Pedone had its over the board tournament debut at the IGT 2013 with 1½/4. It progressed rapidly, and already won the IGT 2014 with 6/7, and the IGT 2015 with 7/6!


Pedone has a compact quad-bitboard board representation [3] , suited for a copy-make approach, and further applies magic bitboards for sliding piece attacks and move generation. Its search is PVS with transposition table, IID and quiescence search inside an iterative deepening framework. The evaluation function was tuned with a similar approach to the Texel's Tuning Method [4] until version 1.0. Some evaluation bonuses of versions 1.3 and 1.4 were tuned with TD Learning. Since 1.0, released in December 2014, Pedone performs a parallel search using multiple threads [5] , with 1.4 in April 2016, dubbed Lazy SMP [6]. The further improved Pedone 1.6 released in June 2017 can use up to 128 threads and comes with an executable for Android [7]. Since 2018, Pedone 1.8 is able to play Chess960.

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