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Paul Keres [1]

PK80, PK83,
a series of chess programs by Ard van Bergen written in Fortran. As Ard was affiliated with a chess club in Utrecht named in remembrance of Paul Keres [2], Keres initials were used as the name of the program.

PK80 already played the first DOCCC 1981, running on a PDP-11 [3], PK83 the DOCCC 1982, the DOCCC 1983 where it became shared second, the DOCCC 1984, the DOCCC 1985 and the DOCCC 1987. PK83 further played the International Computer Chess Tournament 1984 in Baarn, and the WMCCC 1985 in Amsterdam [4].



A.R.D. van Bergen with PK83 at the WMCCC 1985 [5]

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