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Sapphire I with magnetic chess board [1]

Novag Sapphire,
a portable dedicated chess computer by Novag with a Hitachi H8 8-bit microcontroller, running a program based on WChess by David Kittinger in 64 KiB of ROM using 129 KiB of RAM including 118 Kib for transposition tables [2]. The pocket computer was released in 1994, along with the desktop Diamond version with a pressure sensory board with the same program. Sapphire and Diamond both support the Novag Universal Electronic Chess Board, and were members of the Novag Super System.

Novag Sapphire II

The Novag Sapphire II and Novag Diamond II, released in 1997 used faster clock frequency and a improved WChess software in 160 KiB ROM in almost the same housing.

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  1. Sapphire I from Novag | Photo collection by Chewbanta
  2. Novag Sapphire from [httpa://www.schach-computer.info/wiki/index.php/Hauptseite_En Schachcomputer.info Wiki] (German)

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