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Nemo searching the Horizon [1]

an UCI compatible chess engine by Michael Hoffmann, written in C. Nemo is a bitboard engine using the Obstruction Difference to determine sliding piece attacks, and the SEE Swap Algorithm [2]. Further development was supported by Sven Schüle [3]. Nemo 1.0 Beta was released to the public in January 2012 [4] .

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  1. Captain Nemo bids the sun to go down over Antarctica, after claiming the South Pole in his name, in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, this image was originally featured in the Hetzel edition of 20000 Lieues Sous les Mers, and has also been featured in more recent editions. The images were originally drawn by Alphonse de Neuville and Edouard Riou, User:Rama/Verne drawings - Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
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