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=See also=
=See also=
* [[Vasik Rajlich#Conversation|A Conversation with Vasik Rajlich - Videos]]
* [[Vasik Rajlich#Conversation|A Conversation with Vasik Rajlich - Videos]]
* [[Deus X#interview|Deus X, Interview]] with [[Albert Silver]], Video
=External Links=
=External Links=

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Nelson Hernandez [1]

Nelson Hernandez, alias Cato the Younger
an American correspondence chess and freestyle chess player [2], computer chess aficionado, and opening book author, member of the Thinker team at the WCCC 2010. He produced and published a video interview with Vasik Rajlich in 2009, A Conversation with Vasik Rajlich, and in July 2011, after the Rybka disqualification by the ICGA in June 2011, Another Conversation with Vasik Rajlich [3]. At recent TCEC, in conjunction with Jeroen Noomen, Nelson Hernandez is responsible of choosing the opening positions [4] [5].





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