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Millennium 2000 GmbH, (stylized as MILLENNIUM 2000 GmbH)
a private company based in Aschheim (Dornach), in the district of Munich, Bavaria, Germany [1], founded in 1996 by Manfred Hegener and Ossi Weiner [2]. Their products and solutions in the field of consumer electronics development are manufactured and distributed by their own company, and in partnership with companies in the industry. In 2016, Maximilian Hegener and Thomas Karkosch became CEO and COO of Millennium 2000 GmbH respectively [3].

Chess Programs

Initially, Millennium 2000 distributed the chess programs Chess Genius by Richard Lang and Shredder by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, and after Marty Hirsch's problems [4] with his former distributor Martin Stamer his program MChess Pro. A Windows compliant GUI, the Millennium Chess System (MCS) developed by Adrian Millett, was bundled along with Shredder and ChessGenius [5]. Further MCS native engines were Nimzo 2000, SOS 2000 [6], WChess and Zarkov [7].

Dedicated Computers

In 2003, Millennium discontinued the high end computer chess software sector to focus on their core business, dedicated chess computers, electronic games and consumer products. According to Hein Veldhuis, chess computers were produced by Eric White, while David Levy is responsible for the programs [8]. In 2015, the Millennium ChessGenius model with a program by Richard Lang was reinstated, in 2018, Millennium The King running The King by Johan de Koning.

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